Note that Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.


Customers are required to meet the conditions of entry in order to gain access to the event. Conditions of entry are listed as:

  1. No ID, no entry
  2. Valid Ticket – tickets should be presented along with ID to match the name on the ticket, or the named ticket holder must be present.
  3. Only acceptable I.D must be a CURRENT version of one of the following
  4. Passport
  5. Photocard driving license for UK and Northern Ireland (Full or provisional)
  6. Pass card with hologram
  7. Armed Forces/NHS Identification cards
  8. Screenshots of any form of ID will NOT be accepted
  9. Under 18s must be accompanied by the adult (18+) that the ticket was purchased with
  10. Admission is subject to search
  11. Possession of Category A prohibited items will result in the item(s) being seized and may result in admission refusal
  12. Category B prohibited items are not permitted inside the festival gates and can be surrendered into amnesty bins or kept in a vehicle or locker during the festival
  13. Unauthorised professional photography, audio and video is strictly prohibited
  14. Cambridge Comedy Festival is not liable for damages, losses or injuries sustained at the festival
  15. For any re-entry, access will only be granted the following day via the pass-out system. Full search will take place and re-entry will be at the discretion of Cambridge Comedy Festival. Personal allowances of alcohol are only permitted upon first entry.
  16. Anyone heavily intoxicated by means of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry
  17. Tickets are sold on the understanding that the event is subject to license from the appropriate authorities
  18. The promoter, or their agents, reserves the right to refuse admission
  19. The promoter, or their agents, reserves the right to enforce eviction from the festival site
  20. The customer is responsible for checking the opening times of the festival gates. We will not be able to facilitate entry for arrivals outside of these hours. Please check our FAQs for the gate opening times. 


Category A – Non-Returnable Items

  1. If the item is deemed to have the potential to cause damage or harm, or is illegal, then the item will be non-returnable. Security Management will use their discretion.
  2. If the item does not raise cause for concern
  3. The item will be placed within the secure surrender bins
  4. If the item does raise cause for concern, or is illegal
  5. The item can be surrendered into the secure surrender bins
  6. The person will be refused entry to site
  7. The item will be bagged and tagged and the category and person’s full details and profile will be recorded. Any items bagged and tagged in category A will be kept in a secure location.
  8. The police may be notified (as advised by Cambridgeshire Constabulary)
  9. Category A prohibited items are listed as but not limited to:
  10. Illegal drugs, including Nitrous Oxide
  11. ‘Legal highs’, ‘research chemicals’, ‘novel psychoactive substances’, ‘NPS’, ‘designer drugs’ or ‘herbal highs’


  1. Any item which may reasonably be considered as a weapon
  2. Fraudulently created or stolen I.D.

Category B – Returnable Items

If the item is not deemed to have the potential to cause damage or harm and is legal but is on the prohibited items list, the item will be deemed as returnable. The following options will be presented for returnable items:

  • The item can be returned to the owner’s vehicle in the car park
  • The item can be surrendered into the secure surrender bins
  • The item can be placed in a chargeable locker for the duration of the festival

Category B prohibited items are listed as but not limited to:

  • Whipped cream dispensers, CO2 dispensers
  • Open bottles
  • Glass bottles or vessels
  • Spray paints/Aerosols over 250ml
  • Generators
  • Personal sound systems
  • Animals (except for approved assistance dogs)
  • Portable Laser Equipment or Laser Pens
  • Professional audio, audio-visual, film, or video recording information
  • Barbecues
  • Gas powered cooking stoves over 220g permitted
  • Alcohol above the personal allowance
  • Flares, bangers, fireworks, sparklers, fire poi, Chinese lanterns and naked flames inc. tea lights
  • Megaphones
  • Hi Vis Jackets
  • Drones

Cambridge Comedy Festival, or their agent, reserve the right to the confiscation of any prohibited item found within the possession of any ticket holder, guest, staff, trader, or artist.

Should the individual in possession of a prohibited item refuse to surrender the item to the surrender bins, return it to their vehicle or have it confiscated (item-dependent), Cambridge Comedy Festival reserve the right to refuse admission to the event.

If you are concerned about anything, witness, or are victim to a crime or antisocial behaviour, it is important that you report it immediately to festival staff or security. They are there to help. The more information you can give us, the better chance we have of coordinating an efficient and effective response.