Combining a giant 46m² state of the art LED screen above the main stage with cameramen capturing all the live action, which means no matter where you are sat you’ll be able to see and hear all the acts on stage. With a large flat field area in front of the stage and hill top viewing at the back there’s plenty of space for you and your friends to sit comfortably and enjoy the shows without being squashed in with other festival attendees.


A landscaped open air Amphitheatre bowl with a stunning hand built stage crafted from the farms own woodland timber. With unreserved bench seating in rows this stage recreates a theatre settings outdoors. There is also plenty of seating on the Amphitheatre bank surrounding the stage.


There is unreserved theatre style seating in the Amphitheatre with space between every 6 seats but our original plan of theatre row seating at the Main Stage has been removed and instead we will mark out social distanced squares so customers feel safe and have their own space but bubbles of 6 are not required as this is an outdoor event but bubbles of 30 people maximum are required. You can bring your own camping chairs or rug and there is plenty of viewing areas either infront of the stage or to the sides.

We also have chairs to hire charged at £2.50 for the day, they are lightweight folding chairs so easy to carry around the site to watch shows on the other stages.


Set in the wooded glade area of the site this is a truly unique and beautiful setting to watch comedy. Unfortunately our proposed Comedians DJ’ing at the end of the evening can not take place as dancing and potentially groups mixing are not permitted due to current social distancing advice and guidelines. So DJ Daddy Vintage (Rich Wilson), DJ Geoffrey Van Hyre (Geoff Norcott), DJ Grandada (Jeff Innocent) and DJ Twisted Melon (Mick Ferry) will have to save this treat for another day!


Unfortunately due to current restrictions still in place we have removed shows on the Lake Stage as there is not enough room around the lake sides to provide ample spacing. The lake will still be open for swimming though.


The Kids Tent marquee (with sides removed) will be within the dedicated children’s area that will be securely enclosed with only one entrance/exit so those cheeky little scamps can’t escape when you briefly turn around to blink!

Within the children’s area there will be other activities to keep them entertained including a giant sand pit and tools of the trade including buckets, spades and diggers.

We’ve got some extra activities out on the field including ‘Silly Sports’ featuring household item street soccer skills such as chip the ball in the toilet (Penalty In The Pan), lob the ball in oven (Get One In The Oven) and volley the ball in the washing machine (Washing Machine Mayhem) plus Beat The Keeper but you’ll need to be on form as we have an international goalie from England’s amputee squad!


A bar/pub set in the wooded glade where you can take a break from the comedy and banter nonsense, chat and chuckle with your friends. During the day there will be various entertainment here including Mick Ferry’s fantastic on-line lockdown hit ‘2 Minute Chat Show’ where acts appearing at the festival will pop in for a brief 2 minute chat, on Sunday afternoon we have comedian Jeff Innocent DJ Grandada celebrating 50 years of Trojan records as he delves into his original 7” vinyl collection of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady tunes plus a raffle which will be raising funds for the Children’s Ward at local Hinchinbrooke Hospital and all monies raised will be used to buy presents for the kids that are in hospital and poorly to help cheer them up and lift their spirits during tough times. The Glade Bar will be open until 2am.